Summers are short so why not get out and enjoy every moment of it with an outdoor movie! Outdoor movies are becoming increasingly popular in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Our large screens can easily accommodate crowds of 1000 or more.

Crowds bring out their lawn chairs and blankets for a great movie experience OR

For a "Drive-In Movie" experience, we can supply an FM transmitter so people can sit in their vehicles to watch and listen to the big screen.

Whatever format you decide we make it extremely easy for you. You pick the date and supply the movie and the venue and we will do the rest! Our trained movie technicians set up the sound system, video mixer, projector, and of course the big inflatable screen! We can even supply the power so we can set up anywhere!

**You will have to supply a copy of the movie you choose to show and of course pay the public broadcasting fees associated with a public event. Check out the following links for the process and to find out what your options are:

https://www.acf-film.com/en/index.php    ->  the exclusive Canadian public rights representative for DreamWorks Animation.